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As a student you should be considering starting your career even before your graduation.
While as employee, developing yourself in your position is not an option anymore.
You can start and develop your career now in the business fields.

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Practical Learning

In DvCircles, you are not only learning the theoretical knowledge, you practice every piece of information you study. 

You learn what market needs.

Programs’ content are updated with the most recent techniques in the market, so you become up-to-date with each change in your field. 

Business Internship

Get an Internship

In DvCircles, we need to make sure that you have understood every piece of information fully. So, you will get an internship with one of our partners all over Egypt, where you experience how market really works.

Business Internship


Hazem Alaa


Now, I can say that DvCircles is the best way to develop your skills, knowledge, and experience. They will help you based on big experience and knowledge. Don’t late to join their programs.

Sally Omar


DvCirces is one of the best communities I ever dealt with, they are so helpful, talented and professional. You will definitely love to meet their experienced trainers. I highly recommend joining them for anyone who needs to gain strong experience in the business.

Mohamed Ali

Business Analyst

DvCircles is the perfect Company if you are looking for a unique experience and true added value. By engaging with DvCircles team, I can see their dedication to provide something with a real VALUE! They put a lot of effort and focus on providing the clients true benefits according to their needs.