Start Your Career In HR Round #2

If you are seeking to be an HR Specialist, or are looking to enhance your HR skills, you’re in the right place!

Having over 40 hours of training hours, it takes you beyond the beginner level and gives you skills and knowledge to seek your career AND an internship opportunity in a company to be ready for all challenges in the workfield.


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In this program, you will learn:

1- How to make a human resource development plan, starting with making an annual plan for appointments and training … etc.

2- How to manage personnel affairs and to deal with all the day-to-day administrative problems in the company.

3- How to make a Job Description for any employee in your company and how to hire the most suitable employee.

4- Performance Management; You will learn how employee evaluation works, how to put KPIs and the best methods for employees performance evaluation.

5- How to determine the training required for employees to improve their performance, and to make a development plan.

6- You will have knowledge of (labor law, papers, social and medical insurances, records, forms and policies).

7- Organizational Development; you will learn more about Organizational Development and how to increase the company’s efficiency.

8- How to operate a good and functional management structure for the company.

9- There will be project management workshops that will help you to know more about the field of human resources in order to ensure the success of your project and to have coordination between you and the management.

10- You will learn what is Human Resources and what is the difference between it and Talent Management.

11- What are the departments of Human Resources and the available opportunities in each department and what the job roles of each department are.


Who can attend the program?

  • People who are interested in Human Resources.
  • Companies and Start-ups’ owners who want to develop their company and hire new and suitable employees.
  • If you want to work in Project Management.


The program focuses in 3 important points:-

1- Academic Knowledge.

2- ِApplication; through the teaching method inside DvCircles, we can guarantee you that the workshops will be 70% practically so you can learn and work with the team in addition to projects and tasks that will be required from you in all Human Resources departments.

3- Internship opportunity (4-6 weeks) after the program for those who were committed during the program, in a company in mansoura.


Program Duration: 40 hours.

Price: 1950 EGP.


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payment methods:-

Vodafone Cash: on +201063645487, and please contact us after the payment.

Deposit in the CIB bank from any ATM on account number 100033300381 and please send a copy of the receipt after that.


For more details and inquiries; contact us on the page or with the program administrator at 01063645487 or

Start Time

8:00 pm

October 17, 2020

Finish Time

8:00 pm

November 30, 2020

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