Online Business Scholarship Program #5th Round

Following our mission in empowering you with practical experience to achieve a distinguished development in your career. We are very honored to announce our fifth round of the “Undergraduate Business Scholarship”. And for the first time, 4 tracks are available: 

  • Business General Track 
  • Social Media and Content Creation Track
  • Business Development and Sales Track 
  • HR Track.

“Undergraduate Business Scholarship” mainly consists of 50 hours of training and 25 hours of theoretical knowledge. Also, Internships will be awarded to the highly active students during the scholarship. 

Scholarship Tracks:

General Track: This track is designed for students who want to understand the business foundations. So, it mainly provides a brief introduction in several fields such as but not limited to Business Planning, Business Analysis, Digital Marketing, Business Development and Sales, and Project Management.


Business Development and Sales: This track is specialized for students who need to know more specific knowledge in the field of business. This track where the student will learn more about Conducting deals, Sales, Making partnerships, Product development, Conducting BD Strategy, Writing proposals, and closing deals.


Social Media and Content Creation: This track aims mainly to deliver the futuristic view of marketing, that will be done throughout conducting sessions in Digital Marketing, Basic Marketing and Marketing planning, Social media Marketing Advanced, Content Writing and creation, Growth hacking and Trends generation advertisement.


HR track: is a specialized track in HR Field Where the student will study, Organizational Structure, Financial Planning & budgeting, Business Pitching, Recruitment, Personnel, Appraisal, Organizational Development, Project Management.


Why to attend the scholarship?

1-   50 hours of training and activities in the virtual classroom and 20 hours of practical activities and mentoring.

2- The training sessions will be virtual not recorded sessions to ensure the interaction between the trainer and the candidates.

3-   An internship will be provided for the 5 top performers.

4-  DvCircles will provide FREE Career Development sessions during the scholarship.

5-   Recommendation letters will be provided for the good performers candidates.

6-   Mentorships will be provided constantly during and after the scholarship.

7-  Joining DvCircles’ community that will enrich your network with people with the same business mindset you have.

8-  Take a certificate that proves your attendance and the courses you take in the Business Scholarship.

9- 15% Discount for all programs and Internships that is provided by DvCircles.

10-   Mentorship and tasks will be assigned during the scholarship so the candidates can implement everything they take.

After completing the scholarship, you can join the following jobs in the junior level:

  •  Business Developer
  • Sales representative
  • Social media specialist
  • Content creator
  • HR specialist
  • Project Management
  • Coordinator

How to join?

  1. Fill this application: 
  2. You will have to submit some tasks which will be sent to you.
  3. having an interview selection.

The timeline of the scholarship as following:

  • 3 July 2020: Application closes. 
  • 5 July 2020: Participants announcements
  • 12 July 2020: Starting of the scholarship

How many slots available?

– 3 Fully funded slot.  

– 17 Partial funded slot.  

For more information about the scholarship, you can call 01066061432, or send us an email on ~

Start Time

12:00 am

June 20, 2020

Finish Time

12:00 am

July 12, 2020

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