Get Prepared For Your Career 4th Round

It is never too early to think about your career and the opportunities you want. Do not wait until the last minute and start planning now.
Yes, it may seem overwhelming to search for opportunity or choose a career especially if you still undergraduate. But the good news is, the earlier you get prepared, the easier you will be able to do what you love, achieve success and get chances.

Therefore, we have designed the Get Prepared Program to match your future goals. Whether you look for jobs. Studying opportunities, personal development or career counselor.

Workshop Content:
– Letters (Cover, Motivation, Recommendation)
– Build your Branding and differentiate yourself in the market.
– How to enhance your LinkedIn and boost the profile reach.
– Tips and tricks to make an advanced CV.
– How to evaluate the proper opportunity for yourself.
– Evaluate the opportunity and make sure that it suits you.
– Filling the opportunities’ application professionally.
– Learn how to find the best scholarships and internships nationally or abroad.
– Needed Admission paper for the scholarships and internships.
– Practice the Selection Phases + and know how to pass the interview successfully.

Start Time

5:00 pm

September 12, 2019

Finish Time

8:00 pm

September 13, 2019


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