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DvCircles is an educational consultancy and career development company. We work on providing practical, interactive and productive educational methodologies in different fields. Furthermore, in collaboration with our regional partners, we provide various training and workshops customized based on identified gap analysis and market needs.

Our Methodology

Along with our experts and partners, we are not providing traditional training and consultation; however, we do initial scanning and analysis to collect client requirements; hence, we create program designs that are built based on our stakeholders’ and candidates’ needs and goals.

Our success is not about the number of submitted projects, BUT the project impact.

We care about you and your work; therefore our relationship never ends by the end of our service. We keep providing consultation, sharing resources and opportunities to ensure development efficiency and sustainability.

No Doubt, you may find others do the same job! But we guarantee no one does as we do.

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Practical Training

No more traditional content or boring presentations. At DvCircles, 60% of our training and Consultations based on real cases and practice. Our mission is to empower you to achieve distinguished development.

Art of Hosting

By adopting Art of Hosting Techniques, you will be able to practice better decision-making, more efficient and effective capacity building, brainstorming and ability to respond to the opportunities and challenge quickly.


Programs and Events

Our Achievements

It is a long established fact that a reade.

Hours of Training
Trained Participants
Internship Provided



Saad Tarek

“I adore this place actually it is the best place to gain both knowledge and experience and if you have it they will help you to enhance the existing one.”


Selwaan Yasser

“The best place to develop your skills, gain new knowledge, practice it and learn about business development.”

#Samer Ismaeil

Samer Ismaeil

“DvCircles instructors are so experienced and their methodology is really entertaining and valuable. I joined their Business Development Program and it literally changed my skills and way of thinking. Afterward, I was so lucky to get my internship at DvCirles in operations and finance. I recommend there programs and events for everyone interested in a business career path.”

Screen Shot 2019-12-23 at 10.58.54

Omnia Samy

“I’m really happy for having such a professional organization and environment as you will find in DvCircles, in Delta! It’s highly recommended for individuals or businesses.”

Screen Shot 2019-12-23 at 11.28.42

Merna Maged

“Business Development Program helped me a lot in enhancing my experience, skills, and knowledge. Not to mention the tremendous activities and projects we have been through which helped me to practice and get to know more about operations and finance.”


Marwa Ali

“It is really a great community for business and has effective methodologies that help you learn in a practical way. The programs are highly recommended to anyone interested in gaining technical business skills and knowledge.”

#Zahraa Ahmed

Zahraa Ahmed

“One of the most trustworthy organizations in the field of training, they offer solid knowledge and real practical experiences to learn from in their programs and events.”


Hazem Alaa

Human Resources Manager at Khalefa Pharmacy

“Now, I can say that DvCircles is the best way to develop your skills, knowledge, and experience. They will help you based on big experience and knowledge. Don’t late to join their programs.”

67700777_10217986206739923_7190413807766732800_n copy

Sally Omar

Senior Web Developer

“DvCirces is one of the best communities I ever dealt with, they are so helpful, talented and professional. You will definitely love to meet their experienced trainers. I highly recommend joining them for anyone who needs to gain strong experience in the business.”

Screen Shot 2019-12-23 at 11.20.21

Muhammad Rabea

Senior Business Analyst

“DvCircles is a place where you could engage in the learning experience and get to absorb the information on a deeper level.”


Kholoud Mostafa

Project Manager

“I am very glad to have an amazing experience with DvCircles full of learning and fun with outstanding training methods, professional and supportive instructors and a very comfortable environment that enhances my skills and knowledge in various fields I highly recommend this place for anyone who seeks to develop his career path.”

Ahmed badrawy

Ahmed Al-Badrawy

“If you have your own business, DvCircles will help you to develop it. If you just startup, they will push you to be a real business, and the instructors will share with you precious tips and tricks.”


Nada El-Amrousy

Manager at Alternative Education Co.

“Learning by doing will always be the best strategy for developing my skills! After attending Business Development Course with DVCircles, I am proud to say I am surrounded by a great learning environment, the techniques used in this program -speaking as a skilled trainer- are amazing!”

Ali 2

Ali Kamel

“A Life-Changing Experience! That’s how I can describe DvCircles even it was only a few weeks. Learning while having fun is a tough equation, but that’s what DvCircles has managed to do because of its wonderful team and the amazing vibes. I joined DvCircles Scholarship Program with one goal in mind which was to get on the right track to become a successful business developer. I’ve learned a lot throughout the program, starting from the business fundamentals and going through many advanced tracks while implementing and practicing what I’m learning.”


Maryam Shalaby

“DvCircles team is very professional. They have this amazing harmony in their vision and methodology. I am thankful for joining the Business Development Program and I am recommending anyone with them. I recommend DvCircles for anyone wants to learn and live fruitful experience.”

#Muhammad Ali Moustafa

Muhammad Ali Moustafa

Business Analyst

“DvCircles is the perfect Company if you are looking for a unique experience and true added value. By engaging with DvCircles team, I can see their dedication to provide something with a real VALUE! They put a lot of effort and focus on providing the clients true benefits according to their needs.”

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